Construction 49: Closing of the stairwell

20/01/15 | ۩ |

The brick staircase between the basement and the ground level has been one of the early element I faced with, describing its construction along 6 posts. This is the last of them.
Here we'll see the final closing of the last basement vault and the laying of the barrel vault on top of the above-mentioned staircase.

If you're new here, take a look at the previous chapters: 1 (construction of the concrete base and placing of the bricks); 2 (extension of the staircase); 3 (construction of the vault and first varnishing); 4 (finishing touches on the vault); 5 (completion).

I'll show you now the varnishing of steps and walls, the grouting and varnishing of the vault and the completion of the joints with more Das clay. Actually my pictures will speak more than words, as the operation is neither more nor less than I already did for the rest of the vaults (see previous posts).

I left the last vault open until now to get more liberty of action while working on the staircase. I'd like to wait a little bit more to glue it, at least until the door at the top has been fixed, but while it's still open I can't go on with the perimetral stone walls nor with the tower, which base is right over there.
So the moment arrived to give the last touches to the staircase and to go ahead with its closing.

And that's done!

But... what is that cane work in the last picture?

Here is one of the main problems I find editing my posts for the blog: approaching the construction of different elements with a certain order, possibly chronological, while actually I'm working on the whole structure at the same time. For example, I already wrote a post about the entrance floor, but here you can still see it unfinished.
In the same way, a mysterious wicker grid appears there... but I'll still not say anything about it.
This could rather generate more expectancy in my readers, isn't it?

das clay, cement (grout), vinyl glue, transparent varnish

brush, palette knife


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