Construction 48: Stone steps and base of the pillars

14/01/15 | ۩ |

Once the perimetral walls have reached the street level, it's time to start building the facade. More exactly, I need to prepare the pieces for the two steps staircase that gives access to the loggia.
I cant't use my pincers here because pieces are too big and the cut must be clear. I'll use the Dremel tool, obviously working outdoors.

Steps are formed by wide slabs which also serve as a frame for the floor and isolate the different areas of the loggia. The blocks between them are forming the base of every pillar, reinforced by a wire frame structure in its core.

Before gluing the pieces I provisionally lay the blocks to check up their size.
Placing them side by side I feel a sort of deja-vu: I can see myself as a child while I'm playing with my Lego bricks. After all, the context is not so different...

A little smoothing here and there, and the stones fit perfectly. Then, before the curious look of the cat (he's always going around the site) I go ahead with the final laying.

The facade of the palace, on which project I worked  for months, is finally starting to take form. Looking at the structure, I try to visualize with my mind the rest of the loggia as if it were complete... who knows how much time will pass before I can see it really done...
For the moment, I am just a step ahead. (Actually, two steps!)

slate, vinyl glue

Dremel tool + diamond wheel, table clamp, sandpaper

SIZE (in cm):
steps: height 0,4 - width (bigger arch) 13,2 - (smaller arch) 5,7
pillars: width (from left to right) 2,5 / 2,3 / 2,4 - depth 2,5


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