Construction 47: Main entrance tiled floor

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The stone frame of the cellar door is finished and the perimeter of the main entrance is now clearly visible. It's time to fill the underlying vault and flatten the surface to start building the floor.

In ancient times, the filling was made recycling waste materials from the same construction or somewhere else and combining them with mortar. As it hadn't a load-bearing function, it was important that this filling were lighter than the rest of the structure. It was frequently composed of amphoras and pottery to fill up wide areas alternating empty spaces to the solid materials. In my case, I make the filling mixture with cement and beach pebbles. They're well rounded, so it will be easier  to get a smooth surface.

Now I can start to lay the floor. It will be made of black and white squared tiles like in a chessboard, but aligned diagonally with respect to the walls.

I bought the tiles, made of ceramic material, in a miniature store (the same where I bought the neon lamps or the amphoras). They're made expressly for dollhouse makers and nativity scenes.
The dusty look of the package and the price in spanish pesetas below the actual label seem to indicate that the item itself is a museum piece. Searching on the web I've found nothing about the model or its producer, something really strange for a product currently on the market in the USA.
The copyright date (1988) could be a telltale sign of the time the package passed in that store...

Clearly the size of the tiles doesn't fit with the Domus (see sizes at the bottom of the post), but I can solve the problem cutting every tile in 4 equal parts. In scale 1:50, every piece would be now about 25x25 centimeters (almost 10 inches).

After a simple test, I draw a pencil grid on the cement surface, now perfectly dry. The grid will help me to lay the tiles along parallel lines, avoiding unwanted irregularities.

Cutting and placing the tiles it's a matter of patience and precision. I'll be carrying it on for some days, alternating it with the construction of other elements that I'll show you at a later time.

When the composition is finished, I fill the triangle-shaped holes along the borders with custom cut tiles.
Next step is the polishing of the surface to smooth the corners and give to the floor an almost consumed look.

After that, I can consider the entrance floor finished. Perhaps it could be varnished?... Grouted with cement? We'll see...

miniature tiles, cement + pebbles, vinyl glue

pencil, square, rope, palette knife, hook, tweezers, pincers, sandpaper

SIZES (in cm):
room perimeter 5,7 x 5,7 - tiles 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,2


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