Construction 45: Stone walls (part 2)

12/02/14 | ۩ |

Once the laying of stones along the perimetral walls is completed, I can start working on the inner structure. Before that, though, it'll be necessary to extend the reinforcing frame to the upper walls and floor.

With more wire I connect the ending of the lower segments, cropping up from the vaults, to form a network on the whole surface. Then I prolong the vertical wires placed inside the bearing walls and pillars.

More wire gets out from the outer walls to hold the soil over which the public alley will lay.

In the meanwhile, the perimeter walls keep growing up, reaching now the third row of stones from the ground-line.
From now on the new ashlars will be part of the visible structure of the Domus.
On the inside, instead, we're still under the ground level. The floor of the loggia lays two steps higher than the street, and one more step, placed before the main door, will give access to the ground floor ambiances.

The twin walls I'm building stone on stone are called "muri a sacco" (double skin walls with a core of rubble masonry). They're composed by two parallel ashlars walls, filled by irregularily shaped stones and mortar.
It's an ancient building technique, used commonly all along the Middle Ages. At that time the walls of a house were always load-bearing structures with no iron beams or reinforcing rods.
In this case the inner part of the wall will be filled with concrete and gravel or pebbles picked up on the beach, while the joints between wires (for example at the base of pillars) will be reinforced with glue. The resulting structure should be earthquake-proof.

While building the walls, I proceed also with the covering of the cistern vault and the delineating of the main entrance. The wall frame of the floor is still unfinished, but to complete the wall network I still need to close the last basement vault. In turn, it can't be placed permanently until the staircase's vault is finished too!
So, the next step will be the finishing of the brick staircase and the door at its top...


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