Construction 43: The black cat (part 1)

18/01/14 | ۩ |

Now that the cellar is definitely closed and the pantry is unreachable, it looks really hard to avoid unwanted guests from approaching my provisions.
Since I put the amphoras in their corner, the pantry'd been rushed by rats. They almost succeeded in taking the lid off one of them, pouring out its contents to the floor (although they've been previously glued).
Obviously I chased them away, but one of them is especially harassing. Every time I look to the cellar I find him there, plotting in shadows. 
I took this picture from behind the barred window, where he could not see me:

Now, as you can understand, I have better thing to do than guard the pantry to prevent rats from raiding it down. So I decided to remedy in a simple and natural way that suits perfectly in a medieval house: a cat!
A huge and hungry cat, who's guarding the construction site even when the builders are not there, keeping away those filthy beasts from the cellar.

Finding an animal of the right size it's not a simple task: some of them, at the Domus scale, would look like bears rather than cats...
Suddenly, this nice spotted young cat came out from an alley and waving a fresh anchovy in front of him, I managed to bring him to the Domus. Here I realized that the white spots are too visible even in the dark of the cellar, and I know those rats are so smart... so I apported some minor change to my pet using a black marker. And now he's ready for his job.

I placed a bowl with milk in a corner, just in case the rodents were too busy raiding someone other's pantry... He doesn't seem to like it much, but he still needs to familiarize with these new surroundings.
Here are some other pictures of the cat guarding the cellar...

Ah, just for the curious readers: the bowl (ø3mm) is actually a pod from an unspecified wild plant...


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