Construction 40: Last minute changes to the basement

06/03/13 | ۩ |

In a recent post I wrote that it would have been the last one talking about corrections and adjustments. Actually I never stopped to improve the appearance of the basement, modifying finished parts again and again.
Here are some changes I made, in casual order:

The gate was still unfixed, so I removed it to varnish the walls simplifying the movement of the brush. When I was about to mount it again, I realized that it would have been impossible to open the bolt from the outside when the basement would be closed.
So I drilled the opposite wall of the tunnel and fixed the gate to the other side. It doesn't make much sense positioning the bolt on the outside, but now I can easily open it with a hook and watch inside the cellar.

Yes, the columns again!
After the "medievalization" of the shaft, I brought them to the workshop once again (removing the glue that fixed them to the floor). This time I decided to eliminate the whole base, extending the rounded shaft to the ground line.

After that, I worked on the floor to conceal the corners of the concrete bases.

Two reasons mainly brought me to make this further adjustment: A basic dissatisfaction about their stocky shape and a feedback received on an internet forum about the Middle Ages. Janus (the administrator) argued that such a rich square base would have been more indicated on a "piano nobile" or a cloister than in a subterranean room where nobody would see it.
Polishing the lower part of the column to reach the diameter of the shape allows me to fix this supposed inconsistency, giving at the same time a slimmer shape to the column.
Many thanks, Janus!

I take advantage from the absence of columns to adjust the base line of the vaults, adding some material to make them fit perfectly with the capitals.

  • The rope
I made a little rope using a thick twine to decorate the wall near the barrels. I don't know exactly what it will be used for, but it was a clear instance of the customer, so I'll not start arguing with him for a simple rope.
To make it stiffer and darker (twine was very clear) I soaked it in the same varnish I used on the walls and I rolled it up between my finger dirty with glue. Another drop of glue on the iron hook to attach it to the wall, and it's a done deal.
Glue will soon become transparent so it will be hard to perceive.

Torches? Weren't them finished and fixed to the walls?
True. But since a while an idea was running through my mind... a little ambitious to tell the truth, but anyway...

Ok, stop now. That's a matter for a new post, so I will tell you next time!


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