Construction 39: Barred window (part 2)

03/02/13 | ۩ |

In the first part I handled the opening of a new window on the basement wall.
Now it's time to complete that window, providing the iron bars and placing the arch.
I start working with wire for the third time, but now joining the different methods I used in the past.
I've built the gate wrapping horizontal bars around the others, without beating.
In the guardhouse on the other hand, I crossed the bars wedging them each other and then I've beaten the grating with a hammer.
Now the vertical bars, previously wrought in shape of a ring, will support the only horizontal bar.

The so obtained structure though is not very stable. Vertical bars are changing their angle at every movement, so I'll reinforce it with a spray of glue.

 Now I can drill the wall at a regular distance where I'll introduce the lower railing.

The small brick arch that will form the top of the window has not been varnished yet, but I decide to join it to the ceiling, as it's just the extension of one of the cross vaults.

Another set of drill holes will receive the upper side of the railings. I can verify the effect placing the whole ceiling on the walls.

Some more details will be fixed before the closing of the basement, but now I can say with certain knowledge that the barred window is finally done!


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