Construction 38: The pantry

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Exactly one year ago I bought some miniatures in a Christmas market to decorate the basement of the Domus.
I already used some of them, like the wine barrels. Others are waiting inside their bags.
There is a set of clay amphoras, minutely selected among many others on the stand, but the most things for sale in the market were too big for the Domus. It is built in 1:50 scale, so all is very small (more than what it looks on pictures).

Back to the point: I've chosen some amphoras in different shapes thinking I could use them to decorate a corner of the cellar.
Here, far from the light and from temperature leaps, the lodgers may store their food or other perishable merchandise (don't forget we're in a harbour town, the owner of the Domus surely has a business here, perhaps a merchant fleet).

Once I choose the right corner, I make some preliminary test with the amphoras. Here you can see a short selection:

As I said, it's only a test and the basement still looks incomplete, but light were so good that I decided to post them anyway.
Now let's see the final construction of the pantry.

First of all, I need to make the lids for the amphoras and I choose to make them in two different materials: Rounded clay for the big jars and cork for the smaller ones.

Then, using the same hemp of the guardhouse, I make a straw mattress to lean on my amphoras. Now I lay them in a snap-fit arrangement to save space, like the romans did in the ancient times on their ships.

The work seems finished, but now begins the hardest task.
Nothing inside the Domus could remain unfastened because, in case of movements or relocation it would be impossible to fix any damage when it will be closed.
So the amphoras will be glued each other and to the ground, avoiding glue to be seen from the outside. The main points of view to watch the pantry are the third arch on the back side of the house and the tunnel on the left side. It will be partially visible though from others openings, including the barred window.

I remove the jars paying attention not to alter their position, then I replace them applying glue on the points of contact and removing every smudge. Now, just to ensure that the composition is fixed, I use a spray glue over the jars, obtaining an accidental spider web effect. Unfortunately it's not a long-lasting effect, but I had the time to capture it on pictures.

Now, when I finally think the work is done and it's time to dedicate myself to other parts of the Domus, a fleeting movement behind the jars catch my eye. I get closer to the side arch to watch inside and this is what I see:

I should have imagined it. How could it go unnoticed such a well-provided pantry in an unfinished building? I'll have to find a solution to this.
If only there was a cat nearby...


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