Construction 37: Brick staircase (part 3) and closing of the cistern

27/12/12 | ۩ |

I've been working on the decoration of the basement, but some parts of the structure still look incomplete.
One of those parts is the staircase: It's still missing some brick steps and the whole barrel vault.
I'll have to put a hand on it before to place the ceiling.

As a first task, I need to complete the walls which the vault will be placed on, taking care to keep them parallel to the flight of stairs.
Then I cut a bowed carton (from a roll of toilet paper) and I place it, dampened, between the walls, so it will adjust to the width of the staircase.

When it's dry, I take it away and start constructing my barrel vault over it as I previously did with the corridor vault.
The bricks are slightly wider than the ones I used for the arch, so they don't match perfectly. I don't care about it now, just verify the correspondence between the walls and the vault (have to refine the intradox) and swicth to work on the cistern.

Here I glue the iron door in its opening. This one, unlike the guardhouse door, will be fixed.
For a long time I flirted with the idea of putting some object inside the cistern hole: A coin, a message, a treasure chest... something that future mini-archaeologists could find digging the ruins of the Domus.
Finally, the indecision was stronger than me, so I glued the vault leaving the cistern misteriously empty (except for the dust fell down during the past few weeks).
Actually I have an idea to insert a "foreign body" inside the Domus, but I'll talk about it in another post.

Now the cistern is completed and the staircase looks fine with its partially built vault.
After the barnishing, all I have to do is to restore the vaults and give the finishing touches to the joints.
An iron ring over the door could be useful to lower the bucket inside the cistern.
The wall torch too, still removable, is now definitively glued to the wall (or at least that's what I think).

I take a look to the basement, then I lift once again the vaults of the cellar and start working on a new item: It's time to fill up the pantry...


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