Construction 36: The guardhouse (2)

04/12/12 | ۩ |

We left the guardhouse almost completed, with its railings and iron door and a pair of rings nailed to the wall.
Now it's time to give it the finishing touches before the placing of the vaults.

First thing, I'd like to make a bedstraw. It shall be used by prisoners to lie down and to clean up any rubbish that could dirty my beautiful floor.
I'm going to use a hemp that I picked up from a construction site when I was passing by there.

After it has been cleaned up (it was very dusty) I pull apart the thickest threads (out of scale) and I cut it into short pieces with a pair of scissors.

Just a few cuts and it begins to look like a pile of straw.
Now I lay it on a temporary surface (in this case a carton) and I sprinkle with a spray glue bought  just for that purpose.
I let it dry a few minutes, then pick up the straw to compress it with my fingers, obtaining a thin carpet.
Now my bedstraw is ready to be placed inside the guardhouse.

Just a few more glue on the floor, then I can place the straw pressing softly with a palette knife and adding some more threads to fill the corners.
A little bucket, bought as an accessory for miniature ships, is glued to a corner. And now we have a toilet!

An iron ring is nailed to the cross vault to hold a dangling chain. It could be useful to hang up non-collaborative prisoners and to persuade them to be more reasonable.
Another short chain with two rings at the ends will be used to tie prisoner's ankles.

Now the guardhouse looks quite more inviting, isn't it?
I still need to work on the vault to make it fit exactly to the perimeter, but I can try anyway to place it over the arches to get the picture of its final appearance.

Oh, just a last detail: as a proof that this guardhouse it's not only a decorative element, I'll paint some graffiti on the wall: Two ships, a face, the count of the days...Some prisoner could had made this during his long detention...

Ok, at this point I thing nothing's missing (apart from the guests, of course)!


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