Construction 35: Finishing touches on vaults and walls

16/11/12 | ۩ |

In the last few posts I explained how I converted the ceiling of the cellar to a single piece by joining together the vaults (here), then improving the joints between vaults and walls (here) and finally varnishing all the surfaces (here).
This time I'll spend a word about the assembly of the remainig  arches and vaults, including the stone arches of the jail and the open vaults.
The work appears a little bit harder because one of the stone arches (the first I built) has been glued permanently to the pillars, so the shape of the ceiling will be something irregular.
I decide to proceed in easy stages, joining the vaults in three different pieces that I will combine later. This will make things easier when I give the finishing touches to the walls and the jail.

At the same time, I need to extend the trapdoors, raising them up to the ground level. For the moment I'll simply add a course of bricks on both circumferences, reinforcing the upper surface of the vaults with glue.

When the vaults are dry, it's time to varnish the intrados. Same method than the last time: A coat of varnish / Aging effect with dry cement / A coat of olive oil / Drying.
Before that, I fill the joints between vaults and walls with a thin roll of Das. All done.

So here is how the basement looks just before the varnishing (the left side is already finished).
In the last pictures, a pair of shots of the back side with wet paint.

I still have some minor thing to do before the permanent closing of the ceiling... but now I can say most of the work is done.

See you next time!


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