Construction 34: Varnishing vaults and walls

06/11/12 | ۩ |

To avoid blotting the floor, I previously laid out a foil over the surface, from wall to wall. It isn't a hard task, but I wanted to cover every corner so I spent some time doing it... only to discover that it was completely useful.
In fact, varnish leaked in between the walls and foil, extending itself below it and staining all the floor.

Luckily, it's not an irreparable problem, and I can "clean out" the floor easily by sprinkling cement over it with a dry brush.

So I remove the foil and start varnishing the walls.

I make it the same way I did it on the floor, with a single difference: now I know exactly what I'm doing and after the first coat I sprinkle cement over the wet walls to obtain the fateful "dirty" effect.

Varnishing work reveals itself faster that expected. As I already gave the aging touch, a second coat seems unnecesary.
However, the dry walls look a bit clearer than the floor, so the day after I proceed with a hasty polishing. Using a little steel spoon, I press lightly the convex surface over the walls, removing partially the porous look of the Das and making it bright and darker.
Still unconvinced, I end spreading over it a coat of olive oil. Unlike the varish, it doesn't smell so bad and I can work comfortably at home without getting out on the cold terrace.
Mm.. now it looks better.

I repeat the same operations on the columns and the vaults (now combined in two bigger pieces), and after placing it under a weight to avoid distortions, I can check the result.

And finally take a look at the interiors...


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