Construction 33: Joining vaults and walls

04/10/12 | ۩ |

In the previous post I explained how I improved the joint between arches and vaults to make them perfectly match.
In spite of this, an irregular crack between the ceiling and the walls is clearly visible.
Now that the ceiling comes in a single piece it's impossible to fix the problem from the inside. The only way to reduce imprecisions is working on the walls before the final assembling.

 At first I've tried to do that using cement, but not to good effect. It's simply a thicker grout, and when it's dry is really impossible to use sandpaper over it without crashing it to a powder.
Then I thought that using Das (the modelling material I used to make bricks) instead of cement, I could give it the perfect shape of the vaults and let it dry comfortably.

Of course it's not a real building method, but it's the only trick I can figure out to give the structure the finishing touches without using the shrinking ray of  Dr.Cyclops.

I start dampening the areas where I must place the Das. Then I cut little pieces of material from the newly open package and I turn it over in my hands to make some "worms" with the same size of the arches. I need to work quickly to avoid the Das from drying too soon, and I don't care if the wall gets partially dirty. When the Das will be completely dry it will be easy to clean it off, and I prefer to exceed with it to close every crack.

When rolls adhered to the walls, I put the ceiling back over it, pressing with my hands to shape the profile of the arches. The exceeding material will get out from both sides and I'll remove it later.
At a first pression, the Das doesn't stick to the vaults, still dry and dusty. However, repeating many times this operation, could result in a partially raising of the material and it would make the work a bit harder.
So, it's a one-take!
Then I must wait for the Das to dry to clean the walls and polish the edges.

Now every parts match togheter and I'm ready to barnish the walls.


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