Construction 31: Opening of a window (1)

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I was thinking since some time about opening a window on the basement...
In fact, when the vaults will be fixed to close the cellar, the only way to look inside will be peeking in through the existing openings: the tunnel, the side arch and the back wall (it will be totally open on every floor).

At first I tought the arch would have been wide enough to see the whole basement. Then I realized that, due to the columns, it would have been impossible to have a full view of the gate and the tunnel from that angle.
I think this is one of the most suggestive corners of the Domus, so I decided to open a window on the wall in front of it, where initially I planned to put the wine barrels.

I move the barrels to another corner, and the wall it's now available to the new purpose. It's an extra job, but I think it could be worth it.

However, once again I'll succeed showing my inexperience with an error that most probably would cost his job to a real house-builder. 

After marking with a pencil the lines where I must cut the concrete wall (with an outward converging angle), I unexplainably proceed cutting the wall in the opposite direction, making the lines converging inward (see picture 254).

The oblique cut is not simply an aesthetic idea, but it's made to let the most light in.
It does not make sense to build a window with the short side on the inside, unless it's a defensive loophole, where a larger opening on the outer side would allow a wider view on the enemy.
But that's not the case.

When I finally see my mistake, I almost finished placing the bricks on the wall (pics 255-256), so I decide to let the glue dry, removing the two sides of the window in one step to readapt them to the new shape. (pic 257).

Then, on a temporary support I build the upper arch, a little more difficult than the arches I built till now. The arch follows the oblique lines of the window and must coincide on both sides with the existing walls.
A wooden peg and a piece of a paper roll come to help me (pic 258).

Direct consecuence of my previous error is the size of the "new" window. I designed it with a square shape but now it looks definitely wider and the arch is almost overlapped to the cross vault (pic 259).

It's not a real issue, this way it will be easier to watch inside the cellar when it will be closed. Who knows how many architectural variations in our historical buildings were originated from mistakes like this?

Ok.. now, before the work could be done I still need to complete the vaults, fill the joints with grout, insert the railings, paint the walls.
So... stay tuned for the next chapter (Construction 39)!


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