Construction 30: Brick staircase (part 2)

24/07/12 | ۩ |

Soon I will finally end the construction of the basement, switching to the ground floor.
The cover is almost finished, I only need to build a cross vault more (for wich I must prepare a new batch of bricks), some additional item and the finishing touches on the walls and vaults.

Before I could close the basement, though, I still need to bring the staircase (full of walls and vault) to the ground floor level.
In the following pictures you can see the first stage of this work.

First of all, I make a stone base for the new steps.
Starting from here the walls will be made of stone or bricks instead of concrete.
The concrete base is useful to give the buildng steadiness and I'll keep including wire inside the walls, but from now on I'll build the house imitating the real medieval building techniques (as much as possible).

Following the same (suicidal) slope of the staircase, I add now four new steps. To reach the ground floor I still miss one more step, but I still don't know if it will be made of bricks (like the rest of the stairs) or stone (like the most of the ground floor).
Once I set the size of every step and the stone is glued in its right position, I start placing bricks following the same method I used for the lower staircase: pasting with glue / rough polishing / cleaning from dust / grouting / fine polishing / last dust off.

So, if falling from these steps could have brought to a leg break, more or less severe, now the tumble might easily result in a fatal outcome...


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