Construction 28: The guardhouse

07/07/12 | ۩ |

Ok, it's time to put up the railings of the guardhouse.

I start drilling the floor with the Dremel tool where I previously marked with a pencil the correspondance with the vertical bars.

This allows me to insert the first railing (bending temporarily the horizontal bars) and take the measurements to drill the wall.
In this case I can't use the Dremel because the space between the basement walls is too tigh even for the flex shaft. 
I take the drill bit off instead, and I push it against the wall with my forefinger, while I keep rotating the point in both directions with the other hand. 
It's a slow and boring method, but fortunately the Das-made bricks are soft and easy to drill.

Now I can place again the railing, wedging it into the wall and cutting the vertical bars at the same height of the arching. Some horizontal bars are too short, maybe I'll replace them later.

Now I will proceed placing the remaining railings, but only after the mounting of two rings on the stone wall. They'll be used to hold prisoner's chains, but we'll see it better in another post, as well as the story of this strange wall...

The middle railing is placed without drilling the stone pillars (it would be quite hard to do). Once again I cut the rife bars to make them match with the arch above.

The assembling of the last railing is very similar to the first one.

When I finally reassemble arches and vaults, the structure of the guardhouse looks finished. Only a few details and the final touches are missing, but... I can see something like a human shape into the shadow... a man, huddled against the wall: long-haired, hollow face... a heavy chain holds his feet and he bear the marks of a recent torture...
But it might be only my fantasy playing one of its trick on me...


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