Construction 27: Brick arches

25/06/12 | ۩ |

The cover of the basement is almost finished (I still need to build 4 cross vaults), but I'm realizing just now that I didn't spend a word about brick arches. I'll put a remedy to that.

An amount of 11 cross vaults close the basement. They're placed in a 3x4 formation (the twelfth square is occupied by the staircase).
The space between the vaults is filled with round arches laying on pillars and main walls, to form a sort of grid.

The arches comes in different sizes and materials: among the 17 arches, 4 are made of stone, 11 using bricks (3 of them are wider to join the perimeter walls) and 2 alternating stone and bricks in a mixed technique.
Watching these pictures you can observe the construction of the arches at different stages.
They're built over the same support I used for the stone arches.

The round arches are slightly lower than the vaults and their structure is clearly readable from the interior of the cellar.
Bricks are placed alternately lebghtways and widthwise, slightly thinner on the lower side to follow the arching.

In the picture below: a detail of the joint between a vault and two different arches, and a vertical view of the whole site as it looked some time ago. On the left you can see a round arch made with mixed technique.
I'll talk about it in another post.


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