Construction 24: Wall torches

01/05/12 | ۩ |

After the wine barrels, it's time to furnish the basement with a full set of wall torches.

This time I'll use, along with a wire, some earring pieces (bought in a trinckets shop), toothpicks and a black marker.
The earrings, once deprived of the vertical bar, appear like a copper-colored cup.
With the aid of a nail and a hammer blow I enlarge the central hole to get a 2mm diameter. Here will fit the toothpicks, previously cut and painted black.

So, with a few moves I obtained something that could remind to an old wall torch.

Now, using pincers and tongs I shape the wire to make the arms that will fix the torch to the wall.
After taking the necessary measurements I use the Dremel tool to drill the unvarnished wall. This time I work with the flex shaft to move comfortably in the tigh space of the basement.

You can see the final result here below. This is the only torch I placed at the moment, altough in a provisional way. Before to install others I'll need to complete the walls, the missing vaults and some other finishing touches.

Then I could try to pour a drop of oil into the cup and see what happens...


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