Construction 23: Wine barrels with supports

23/04/12 | ۩ |

While the construction of the cellar goes on, I must think about the objects and accessories that I will use to furnish it.
In every respectable cellar one thing can never lack: wine barrels. I don't need many, just enough to quench the family members and to refresh their distinguished guests.

Between my recent purchases at the Christmas market, there are 5 small hand made barrels. It's hard to find something at the same scale of my project, but those barrel fit perfectly.
They're made of clay and painted over the hoops.
At frst I thought to build barrels by myself, but finally I decided to take advantage of those ready-made pieces to spend more time on the construction of the architectural elements.
Anyway the barrels will need to be "customized" before the introduction.

First thing they miss the stoppers. I build five cutting a toothpick to place them into the empty holes. Then I start building the supports that will allow me to stack up my barrels against the cellar wall.

The following pictures show the work step by step, so it's not necessary to explain every detail:

Once the first line of barrels lay on the barnished support, I can build the second one. Now I join the pieces with a wire, conveniently molded to follow the shape of the upper barrel.

As the barrels are hand-made, they're slightly different each other. Building the support I had to mind those small differences, locating every barrel in a specific position.
That's the reason why in the back side of every barrel you can still read some pencilled numbers.


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