[ENG] Construction 022: Varnishing of the floor

10/04/12 | ۩ |

The basement floor it's the first part of the Domus I built, but it's still incomplete: it needs to be varnished.
At first I was not sure about wich material I had to use for it, so I started making some previous tests.
Before the real making of the floor I made some brick compositions on a wooden board as a construction test. I assembled bricks in different ways using glue, cement and plaster.
Finally I chose cement grout, as shown here

Now I'm going to recover these floor tests to study the varnishing method I'll use. I really want to prevent the "shiny" effect on my floor, so I need to experiment with it.
In my closet there's still a varnish pot that I used months ago to repair a wooden lattice ...so I try it first.
The result looks good (in the second picture above you can appreciate the difference between the raw and the varnished surface).
The DAS material I used to build the bricks it's quite porous, so the floor absorbed the first coat without the feared shiny effect. It simply look darker and more similar to "terracotta".

Other choices I had to try out were wax (discarded and thrown away after a small test), olive oil and varnish for bricks and stones. However, after the first success I decide to stop testing and proceed to the operational stage...


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