Construction 21: Stone arch

04/04/12 | ۩ |

The cross vaults of the basement are separated by empty spaces about 0.6 inch wide.. These holes will be closed by simple round arches, lower than the vaults and made with a different material.
The covering of the cellar will be made up of many vaults and arches. The first one (you can see it in the following pictures) will be made of stone. Others will be built with bricks or mixing bricks and stones.
I've told you, I like to vary. Maybe the result will be a little patchy because of the different solutions, but I want to avoid by any means the work to grow boring... Besides that, the client is a very odd guy!

Back to our arch now.
The laying of stones takes place on a temporary structure made with paper and polystyren, like I made building up the side door arch. I place the pieces next to the finished cross vault, already finished but still removable.

Stones are glued together using vinyl glue and the arch will then be finished with grout to fill the joints. The glue excess on the upper surface is made on purpose to make it stronger, but it will be hided when the extrados (the convex upper side) will be covered by the ground floor.

In these last pictures you can see the structure during a position test of the manhole grating...

... and right after the placing of the second (actually the first) cross vault.


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