Construction 18: Cross vault with a manhole

15/03/12 | ۩ |

After the construction of the first brick cross vault, I keep working on the basement ceiling with a second one.

I don't mean to write a post for each one of them. That would be unuseful and quite boring, I guess.
However, this time the vault will not be a simple cross vault. I'll let it open in the middle where a big manhole will connect the basement to the ground floor. From here it will be possible to drop barrels and merchandize directly to the cellar without going down the stairs, too cramped and steep.

I place bricks starting from the side arches to form a kind of frame. Previously I placed the metallic grid in the middle of the support, just to get an aproximately idea of its size.

On this size I'll build a ring of bricks using a new support (a paper disc nailed to a wooden board). That is the second piece of the manhole that I finally glue to the square frame.

Now that I get a single piece, I need to fill the empty corners with bricks. This proved to be the hardest work to do, due to the irregular shape of the holes.
The bricks must fill them following the curve lines of the vault...

Here is the look of the vault as it seen from below (I'm keeping the grid in its position with a finger).

As for the previous vault, it still miss the final polishing an filling of joints. But I'll make it later, now I keep building more vaults...


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