Construction 16: Iron gate

20/02/12 | ۩ |

It's time to try using a new material: iron.

What is the connection between three different metallic coils, picked up from the street in three separate places?
It's clear! They've been chosen to participate in the Domus project!

When I started my project I began to look for old and brown wire, thinking it could be useful to construct some additional element. Actually I was thinking about the matter of this post, a gate for the underground corridor.

To get a realistic effect I need an old wire, dark and rusty. The ones available in hardware shops are treated to be rustproof, and while for the common user that is undoubtedly an advantage, it's exactly the opposite to me.
I've found three kind of wire: a smaller one, very rusty, picked up on a blind track in  the little Lavagna's railway station; a bigger one, found plentiful on the street of Granada, and a third one, thick and gray but easy to bend, gathered from a sack of rubble in Barcelona.

To build my gate I'll use two of them, leaving the third one for future uses.
I stand in front of my pc watching a picture as a source of inspiration. It's a corridor of the Alhambra palace, closed by an old iron gate.
I start cutting the bigger wire in five vertical bars, a little shorter than the height of my tunnel. Then I join them with the smaller wire, coiling it up on every vertical bar without glueing or welding.
After the earlier rough attempts I gain some practice and the construction of the gate is not quite a hard job. The only point of attention is represented by the position of vertical bars, which has to be equidistant.
And here is the gate (almost) finished:

It still misses the lock and hinges to anchor it to the walls.
I make the bolt bending a wire which already presents a flat end. With the remaining wire I build the loops for the bolt, a little rough in these pictures, but I'll retouch it later.
Now I can try to insert the gate in its place to see how it looks.

Ok, I'm satisfied with it and I proceed to give it the last touches before the final assembly. But that will be only when the basement will be completely built.


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