Construction 15: Brick cross vault

13/02/12 | ۩ |

Once I have built the chalk support I can finally start to construct my first vault.

Bricks are the same used for the basement walls and floor, and they're pasted together using vinylic glue. During this operation I try to avoid glue from dripping over the "centering" to ease its later removal.

In a real vault the placement of bricks starts from the bottom and from both sides up to join at the top of the support, leaving the keystone as the last element.
As I work with very small pieces I found easier to proceed the opposite way, starting from the top and composing the central brick cross. It will be the backbone of the entire vault.

Those bricks are right-angled, but the following lines will present the inside surface a bit smaller than the other to adjust to the vault's arching.
Where the arches join together, bricks are cut into slices (at a different angle for every single line), to match perfectly to the corresponding bricks.
Perhaps that's the major difficulty in the construction of cross vaults, but things work out with practise.
I'm about to build 11 vaults like this, so I'm sure I'll have the chance to gain a certain experience...

The vault will need some finishing touch to be completed: straightening bricks on each side, polishing the intrados, filling joints...
But I'll explain it better in another post. Now I look at the work done, taking courage to tackle the construction of the next 10...


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