Construction 13: Water cistern

27/01/12 | ۩ |

During the construction of the basement, besides the tunnel and the side arch, I add a new element that was not included in the early project: the water cistern.

It's located on the left side of the staircase which connect the ground floor with the cellar.
The covering vault it's provided with a hole to hoist a bucketful from the basement to the upper floor.
So the poor servants will be saved from climbing the stairway bearing the heavy bucketful every time the lady needs a glass of water.

Although the interior of the cistern is unfinished. Its construction started at a later moment where in the original project there only was a concrete wall. Of course it had been better to finish the whole structure but that will not change the look of the basement, as it will be closed and the interior will be hided by the door.

The cistern vault, unlike the corridor vault, it's built placing the bricks horizontally and it lays over two timbers.

The little wooden door it's only a test. The final one will be iron made.

To build this second door I use some iron scraps found on the beach.

I proceed cutting the shape of the door with a metal hacksaw (this is waht it's built for, not to cut stone).
Then, after I carved some groove on each side, I wrap around it an old wire to form horizontal stripes.

I open a small hole on a side to place the handle.
Finally the door will lay under water for a few hours and this will cover the surface with a thin layer of rust.

Maybe I'll varnish it, but only when walls will be finished and the cistern will be ready to close...


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