Construction 12: Stone pillars

24/01/12 | ۩ |

While the walls construction is going on, the four pillars still lay in its original condition of concrete structures.
In this early stage I had a few chances to work with stone, mostly as a test. Now it's time to make something real and justify the presence here at home of that box full of slate and marble.

Vault's corbels and brick pillars frames are the earlier stone elements I had to built.
After this first approach I can start with the construction of a stone pillar.

Method is very simple: I work the same way as building walls, with the difference that bricks are bigger and made of stone. Also the "mortar" is the same: the omnipresent vinilyc glue which all can paste and all can hold up. I only hope it will keep its properties unchanged in time and not crumble away in a few years...

Anyway, I place the first line of stones at the base of the pillar, following the brick frame on the floor and covering the visible concrete square. Stone lenght is variable and I insert smaller pieces to fill the empty spaces and keeping every line perfectly horizontal in spite of irregular shapes.
My purpose is to build a rough-appearance pillar, cutting stone by hand and not polishing the surface.
This is an underground room used as a warehouse and cellar so it basically performs a structural task and it doesn't need a perfect finishing.
The pillar itself will not be provided with a capital but only with a thin frame where the arches and vaults will lean on (as you can see in this pencil drawing).

Once I had placed the last stone and the pillar had reached the proper height, I can fill every hole and fissure with grout as I previously made with walls and brick floor.
Now the first pillar is complete.


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