Construction 10: Brick walls (2)

11/01/12 | ۩ |

Welcome to the second post about brick walls construction (THIS is the first one).

As for the basement floor, after placing the bricks I proceed finishing the walls with sandpaper and filling the joints with cement.
To polish the surface I use a little tool made by myself pasting sandpaper to a wooden support. This will allow me to reach corners and edges better than with my hands.

I don't polish the walls equally as I done with the floor, but I leave some irregular areas to add a touch of realism.

Once polished, it's necessary to clean the walls from dust. This is not a delightful task to do. As the vacuum cleaner can't reach the corners and the joints, I need to resort to an effective but not very decorous method: blowing!
After some bad experience I've learned to close my eyes in time and to move away my face from the miniature before to breathe again...

To fill the joints I prepare a solution of water and cement (grout). I can spread it with a brush and remove afterwards the excess with the same brush or a damp cloth.

And finally the last polishing, slighter than the first one but just enough to make a little more dust...


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