Construction 09: Barrel vault

10/01/12 | ۩ |

After the construction of the staircase and the brick walls, this is how the Domus looks:

The basement is taking form with its stairway, pillars and openings.
The back wall will be completely open with three round arches. That will make possible to see the inside of the basement when the vaults will be placed.
Along the side wall, another entrance gives access to the wider side of the cellar, closed on the opposite by the tunnel, previously seen.
That will be the starting point for the construction of the cover vaults.

In this case it will be a simple barrel vault and it will be built using a hose as a supporting structure.

I start placing the lines of bricks directly over the pipe and following his arching, but inserting glue only between bricks and preventing it from dripping over the pipe itself. The last two courses will match at the top closing the vault.
To facilitate the arching, before the insertion of every single brick I polish it to get a trapezoidal shape, keeping the smaller end on the inner side of the vault and the wider on the outer side.


When glue is dry I can remove the hose and the vault will easily bear itself.

Same procedure for the construction of the bigger arch on the side wall, this time using polystyrene and paperboard (from a roll of toilet paper) instead of pipe.

And this is how the building site looks the morning after:


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Hannah Waters ha detto...

Your project just blows me away. Incredible!

werner maresta ha detto...

Thank you ;)

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