Construction 08: Brick staircase (1)

16/12/11 | ۩ |

The staircase between the cellar and the ground floor will be built over a concrete support, as done with the brick walls.
This time the concrete structure needs a more careful work because it already presents the shape of the steps and I must respect the exact sizes to lay there my bricks. A little longer or a little shorter than in my project, and the measure will not coincide with the upper staircases or with the door placed after the last step. That would change all a range of measures that, honestly, I don't know if I'd be able to adjust (up to this time, stairs were the hardest part to design).

After building several steps, I start to construct the basement of the side walls.
I decide to place the bricks along an oblique line with the same gradient of the stairs. In the documentation found, brick lines are always horizontal even in conjunction with stairs, but I'm under the impression that the oblique wall brings a more "ancient" look to the corridor.
Maybe it's wrong but I can't do without thinking of the tipical roman railings, which vertical poles were perpendicular to the stairs and not to the floor. You can see this in the reconstructions of ancient pompeian houses or in movies like "Ben Hur" (ok, that's not a good reference for a historic reconstruction, but anyway...)

I'll also take another 'poetic licence', building the basement of the walls with wooden sticks to give the exact gradient to the brick lines and spare materials for visible structures.

The stair still needs three steps to reach the ground floor but now I temporarily stop the rising and fill the joints with concrete.

Then, I place a pillar to the right. I waited to put it there to permit the movements of my giant's hand when I was polishing the steps.
Between the pillar and the concrete wall I suddenly decide to build a small wall made with concrete bricks. It's something different who reminds me more of militar buildings and fortresses than residential structures. Probably these stones come from the old city walls, or they're a souvenir of the last cruzade (maybe the walls of Jerusalem?)... Who knows!

At the left side of the stair there is a small opening where will be placed the water cistern. In the picture below to the left you can have a glimpse of that, but we'll see it better later...

To finish this post I'll take the liberty to give you an advice: pay attention to where you put your feet when you go down the stairs. They're very steep, and what is more, the first step it's a bit twisted!
I'll take care to pass again the sandpaper over it...


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