Construction 07: Brick walls (1)

26/11/11 | ۩ |

In the following images you can see different stages of the walls construction.

It starts with a first line of bricks all along the concrete walls (I already made some hundreds more bricks with Das), marking definitively the area of the cellar floor.
The bricks are stuck with vinyl glue, being careful to avoid smudges on the visible face of the wall.
After placing every single line I use the sandpaper to keep it perfectly horizontal.
Every line will be placed alternating vertical joints to full bricks to increase the wall resistance.

The picture in the middle shows an open passage through the walls where I make a little doorstep placing bricks vertically. At first I didn't plan to break the wall on that side, so the concrete base remained uncovered. Then I decided to open a door to give more visibility to the interiors.
This passage will connect the cellar with the basement of the contiguous building, owned by the same family.

Other parts of the walls remain temporarily incomplete and I resume the construction at a later time. That's the case of the tunnel in the last pictures. This passage appears in the first project and it connects the basement with... something else.
The underground of the city is crossed by many galleries and this exit way could bring us to other buildings or simply continue to reach a sewer pipe.
Or maybe through this gallery you can reach a secret cave where a little boat is ready to leave at any time...
As soon as I can I'll take a look at the land register to satisfy my (our) curiosity.

This is how the wall looks after many lines of bricks.
It still needs to be polished and the joints filled with grout, but first I'll try my hand at building the barrel vaults for the tunnel and the side entrance...


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