Construction 06: Concrete structures (part 2)

10/10/11 | ۩ |

After the first unsatisfying attempt, I resume the construction of concrete structures.
This time I build separate mouldes for walls and pillars, obviously after carefully measuring the perimeter.
However, I decide to drop the idea of placing the steel bars in the corners, mainly due to the difficulty in keeping them perfectly perpendicular to the ground and because their presence would limit my movements. I'll find later a different way to sustain the building...
The moulds though, includes a reinforced rod and the compound is prepared using a quick drying cement with a little bit of sand.
In the following pictures you can see the making of pillars and one of the walls:

In the last image, a panoramic view of the structures in their final position. To fix them to the base, in addition to the wire I used a strong adhesive.
In the middle of the basement you can see some slate tiles, resulting from a cutting test... but I'll tell you later about that.
More pictures below, with some details of the structures:
  1. A wire pokes out from the wall;
  2. The joint of two walls in a corner, reinforced with wire and glue;
  3. Another corner, where I rearranged a pillar using the old concrete wall (see part I).

Some parts look rough but the structure is strong and it will be hidden by the bricks and by the surrounding ground. The space between walls and the edge will be filled with materials and it will be the base for the above alley...


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